Who am I?

Out of the wilderness of East York Toronto, comes fem comic artist, Maia Matches! Her immigrant parents didn't bat an eyelid when rebel Matches announced moving to the lowlands in 1999.  

Since then, Matches has earned her due as a pioneer of the underground comic scene in the Netherlands, which is undeniably evident in her title as City Illustrator of Amsterdam 2019. Drawing for the city opened doors to new realms of political satire in graphic journalism for Matches. FAQ: where will her work go from here?


She is spending the summer mostly indoors with her evil cat, drinking (alkoholfrei) beer and drawing (terrible) comix. As always, she is dedicated to smashing the patriarchy! 

All be it - in this moment in time - "from behind the geraniums". 

This is a popular Dutch saying, there are no geraniums here, just empty pizza boxes!! 

Everyone: pray for a COVID vaccine!

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